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Round Application Deadline
R115 September 2024
R2To Be Announced, expected in November 2024
R3To be announced, expected in January 2025

Essay 1: Contemplate situations that have shaped your personal journey. Present what these situations have taught you about your strengths and weaknesses, and how they have shaped your personal and professional journey. (400 words max)

EssayLever Tips:

EssayLever Suggestions:

Begin by listing what you perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses.

Quote specific experiences where you have demonstrated your strengths. Describe situations or achievements that bring out your ability to excel or overcome challenges based on these strengths.

Similarly, provide examples where your weaknesses have been evident. What have you learned about overcoming them?

Explain how these experiences have contributed to your personal growth. Discuss lessons learned from both successes and setbacks.

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Essay 2: What intellectual experiences have influenced your approach to learning and have led you to pursue an MBA? Please describe using anecdotes from your own experiences. (400 words max)

EssayLever Tips:

An intellectual experience encompasses seeking knowledge, engaging with ideas, and broadening one's understanding of a subject. It involves referencing various materials, employing critical thinking and analysis, solving complex problems, learning from diverse sources, conducting research, and collaborating with others through brainstorming.

Reflecting on your experiences, consider how such intellectual pursuits have shaped your personal and professional growth. Describe the learning you have obtained and how it has contributed to your journey.

Looking forward, articulate your aspirations for future growth both personally and professionally. Discuss the areas where you aim to further expand your capabilities and the broader goals you hope to achieve.

In considering the role of an MBA in your development, explain how it aligns with your ambitions. Detail how the program's curriculum, resources, and opportunities for collaboration will enhance your skill set, leadership abilities, and strategic thinking. Illustrate how obtaining an MBA will expand your intellectual horizons and enable professional success.

Connect your intellectual experiences, personal growth, career aspirations, and the role an MBA will play in your future development.

Essay 3 (optional): Given your experience and aspirations, how do you plan to use the PGP at ISB to fulfil your professional goals? (250 words max)

EssayLever Tips:

Get as specific as you can get while describing your post-ISB goals - which industry, what role, what level, why? How do you expect to grow from the post-ISB role, in 5 years, in 10 years? How do you know this is what you want to do? Why do you need the ISB program to achieve your goals? Answer these questions and you will have the content for the essay.

Make your goals realistic. After working in technology roles for five years, for example, the goal to work in the field of corporate finance might seem unrealistic to the admissions committee.

RECEIVE OUR FEEDBACK ON YOUR CAREER GOALS. We will tell you what ISB will think of your career goals. Send us a brief outline of your career plan in the text box below.

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More tips about writing the ISB essays:

1. Stick to the word limits. The online application will not accept a word more. In fact it will count hyphenated words as two words.

2. Fill your application form before you write the essays. You will know what information you have already shared through the application so you won't repeat it in the essays.

3. Rarely should objective information be shared through the essays. That should go in the application form. That you studied at IIT, worked at IBM, the admissions committee would get to know through the application form. You don't need to reemphasize them in the essays.

4. If you do not have community experience, don't be compelled to create a fictitious involvement in an NGO or make false claims about educating your domestic help's child. ISB will not get impressed by these statements. They want to see your leadership potential through these involvements, which you may find difficult to cook up if you haven't been through them. So resist the temptation to do so. Focus instead on showing who you are and what you have done. Be assured by the fact that a large number of successful applicants at ISB do not have significant community experience.

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Important note regarding choosing the right ISB deadline.

There are likely to be three deadlines - Round 1 deadline is 10 September, round 2 deadline could be in December, and round 3 deadline, if any, is likely to be in third week of January. What is significant though is the date by when you need to decide to accept the offer of admission from ISB. Round 1 deadline is ideal for you if ISB is your first choice school. But if you are not decided and may want to hear from other schools in India or abroad before deciding to go with ISB, you are better off applying in round 2 or 3. If you apply Round 1 you will need to accept the offer for admission by last week of November by when hardly any other schools would have released their decisions on your application. You can of course accept the ISB application and let it go if you decide to join another school but this strategy will require you to invest the admission deposit you would need to pay to confirm your admission at ISB. Therefore, choose the round to apply wisely. Be assured that your chances of admission remain the same irrespective of the round in which you apply.

ISB YLP - Young Leaders Programme

If you are in the pre-final or final year of college, you can apply through the ISB YLP and go through the three stage application process

Stage Deadline
Stage 1 Application DeadlineR1:16 October 2022
R2: 26 March 2023
Stage 2 Application DeadlineAugust 31 2023
Decision AnnouncementDecember 2023

ISB YLP Stage 1 Essay:

Everyone is inclined towards a particular interest/goal which they are passionate about, be it in the field of academics or extra-curriculars. What is that one thing that you are passionate about? What are your current efforts in pursuing it , and what efforts will you put in the future to achieve that goal? (300 words max)

EssayLever Suggestions

Through the application, you would have shared your education details and other information such as awards, activities and hobbies. You can share here your motivations that have brought you success in your endeavours till now and the motivations that are likely to guide you in your professional life, going forward. You can share a significant experience that brings out your management and leadership abilities. You can write why you will make a good ISB student. Or you can give perspective to all that you have done in academics and extracurriculars in your life.

ISB YLP Stage 2 Essay:

What is the ideal career which you always wanted to pursue? Do you still want to pursue the same or has it changed? How do you plan to make your ideal career a reality?

EssayLever Suggestions

Describe the process of developing your career goals for which you consider the business school education important?


Weekend classes for working professionals with experience in the range of 5 to 12 years who want to continue working through their MBA, classes held in Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Round Application Deadline
R1 (Mumbai and Bangalore)30 July 2023

Essay: One of the key intrinsic element at the Indian School of Business is "to develop principled, future leaders who improve lives around the world" Please discuss how you will contribute towards this mission based on examples of your past work and activities? (400 words max)

EssayLever Suggestions

Share leadership experiences through which you created an impact. Share how you want to employ your leadership experiences in the future to make an impact in your line of work.


15-month Executive MBA for experienced professionals with 10 to 25 years experience.

Round Application Deadline
Early Decision10 September 2023
R1November 2023

What is the driving factor for you to do PGPMAX at this stage of your career? How do you think ISB can help you achieve your professional goals? (300 words max)

EssayLever Suggestions

You have had a successful career till now. What do you want to do now for which you want to go through this program?

Describe your experience during a challenging time in your professional life. Explain briefly the actions you took and the impact it had on your professional & personal life. (300 words max)

EssayLever Suggestions

Identify an experience when you successfuly overcame a challenging situation. What problems did you face, what solutions did you devise, what results did you achieve? Focus on the solutions and results.

Optional: Please use this space to highlight anything you wish to bring to the notice of the admissions office/admission committee which could not be highlighted in any other part of the application. Use this space to also highlight work and non-work related awards & achievements which you feel would add value to your application. (500 words max)

EssayLever Suggestions

Let this be the last part of the application you fill. After you fill out all the objective information asked in the application form and write the two essays, think about what more would you like to share that can enhance your chances of admission.

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