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Stepping Stone To Your ISB Admission

Since 2002, EssayLever's ISB application essay writing service has been the go-to resource for prospective ISB students.

Over more than two decades, we have assisted hundreds of applicants each year.

Most of our clients receive interview calls, and a majority secure their spots at ISB.

Ekta Anand, Admits from ISB, Kellogg, Tepper, Kenan-Flagler:
“All you need is a good editing service (EssayLever) because you eventually repeat so much content in most applications. They are very reliable and economical as well. I had hard timelines to meet, and EssayLever never let me down on that.”

Read more about Ekta’s journey here.

A Service Tailored to Your Needs

We will take you ahead wherever you may be in the process of writing the essays:

  • A blank slate, unsure where to begin.
  • Documented your life events, created scattered and unstructured notes, clueless how to transform the notes into essays.
  • Have drafts that fail to hit the mark; friends and seniors may have provided negative feedback

How Do We Help You?

More than brainstorming. Guidance with precision.

  • Your answers to our focused questions uncover the essence of your story.
  • We help bring out details that make a compelling case for your admission.
  • We help craft polished essays that are truly yours, which you can confidently discuss in your interview.

Our service transforms your fuzzy thoughts and ideas into a clear, coherent narrative that showcases who you are and why you deserve a place at ISB.

Service Components

Flexibility is the hallmark of our service. Pick and choose the help you need. Take up the service components partially or wholly. Some now, some later.

Essay and Recommendation Letter Service

From the initial idea to the final draft, we are with you every step of the way. Our process includes:

  • Brainstorming sessions to generate impactful content
  • Drafting and refining your essays to align with your vision
  • Unlimited email and phone exchanges for continuous improvement
  • Multiple reviews until you’re completely satisfied with the final product

Application Form Filling

We help you articulate your employment details, awards, accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and hobbies. Our goal is to highlight your achievements and growth through:

  • Thorough exploration of your professional and personal experiences
  • Crafting compelling narratives that reflect your strengths and aspirations

Interview Preparation

With two one-hour phone sessions, we prepare you to ace your interview by:

  • Developing responses to commonly asked questions
  • Enhancing your ability to articulate your thoughts and motivations
  • Building your confidence to make a lasting impression

Take the First Step Towards Your ISB Admission

Our tried-and-tested approach, coupled with years of expertise, ensures your application stands out. Let our dedicated team help you craft a compelling narrative that resonates with the admissions committee.


Service Unit Price Quantity Total Price
Essay Service Rs.4400 3 Rs.13200 Rs.11880
Application Form Filling Rs. 4400 1 Rs. 4400
Recommendation Letter Rs. 4400 1 Rs. 4400
Interview Service Rs. 7600 1 Rs. 7600
Flexibility to sign up together or in parts, for all, or for some of the application components. Press the blue sign-up button below to sign up.

Pay using Indian Credit Card / Debit Card, netbanking of an Indian bank account, or UPI.

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Payment Options

If you have any questions, please call 9910092169 or email

How Our Services Are Priced So Competitively?

We don't hire alumni of specific schools as consultants because they charge too much and don't have the skills required for the job. What you need is a sounding board for your ideas, so we have consultants who listen well, understand people, and empathize with their backgrounds. Add to that a sound experience of decades, and you get consultants who can help you write a great application and provide a transformative understanding of your strengths and abilities.

We have heard accounts from our customers of expensive services becoming counterproductive for their admissions. Because they charged more and felt the pressure to deliver results, they made applicants write stuff to get an interview invite without worrying about whether they could defend what they wrote in the interview.

We start and end the service with the premise that there is enough in your background to get you an admit. We stay confined to help you identify relevant parts of your background and bring them out through the essays. This approach has helped hundreds of our customers over the last eighteen years get into the top business schools across the world.

Identity withheld, Top European MBA:
“MBA admission consulting from offers FANTASTIC value for money. I don't get why others spend thousands of dollars while offers the same for a couple of hundred dollars. They were super efficient, no single minute wasted with small talk, etc. Sanjay helped me to create kickass essays and his interview sessions shaped my confidence and skills for the final day.”

Please read our guidance on how to write the three ISB essays:

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